118/27 Lat Krabang Road, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520 THAILAND
118/27 Lat Krabang Road, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520 THAILAND


Business in the digital age

Modern tools for tough competition

Get your business tools ready for competing in the transformation to the digital age.

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With our commitment

We intend to help you get ready for digital transformation.



We continuously support you to ensure your utilization of the solution to the maximum capabilities.



Affordable price

We deliver the services and products with affordable price, suitable for small and medium-sized business with budget limitations. It can be considered as an alternative choice for larger organization that focus on cost control as well.




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Good idea

We built solutions through with a combination of good ideas, understanding of the needs, and business experience.


Continuous improvement with agile development.

Being acknowledged

Being acknowledged by the customers and leading companies


Every program can be customized according to customer needs.

Ready to work

The work team is ready to set the program to work.


Every high quality solution will well serve to all business needs.

Services and products

Ready to support your business with…

All components that together increase the business efficiency.

Cloud Solutions Studio 90%
Satisfaction Survey Solutions (ProResult) 85%
Realtime Form & Report (Realtime Paperless system) 80%
Mobile Application 75%
eSS/Solutions (Electronics Service Support) 85%
Digital Marketing Services 70%


All our services and products features are as follows.

Digital technology in Thailand today

Statistical data in 2016 from a population of 68.05 million people

Number of internet users
Number of social media users
Number of users (number) mobile phones and tablets
Number of social media users via mobile devices

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