Business in the digital age

Modern tools for tough competition

Get your business tools ready for competing in the transformation to the digital age.


With our commitment

We intend to help you get ready for digital transformation.



We continuously support you to ensure your utilization of the solution to the maximum capabilities.

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Affordable price

We deliver the services and products with affordable price, suitable for small and medium-sized business with budget limitations. It can be considered as an alternative choice for larger organization that focus on cost control as well.



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Good idea

We built solutions through with a combination of good ideas, understanding of the needs, and business experience.


Continuous improvement with agile development.

Being acknowledged

Being acknowledged by the customers and leading companies


Every program can be customized according to customer needs.

Ready to work

The work team is ready to set the program to work.


Every high quality solution will well serve to all business needs.

Services and products

Ready to support your business with…

Cloud Solutions Studio 95%
Realtime Paperless system 90%
Satisfaction Survey Solutions (ProResult) 85%
Managed Application Services (MAS) 80%



Integrated Solutions

We have a complete service for you.

We have packages that integrate software, services, and training for customers to ensure that get the most benefit. We want you to focus on your core business, while we will be working closely and intensively on the project assigned by you.


Dedicated Partnership

We work closely with the customers.

To truly meet the business needs of customers, we will work closely with customers, adjust the services and various related training courses to maximize benefits for all our customers.


App Creation

We are your choice of Software Development.

We develop software that meets the specific business needs, regardless of which platform you want (PC/Mac, Android/iOS)

Systems that meet the business needs

Here is a source of tools to support efficiency improvements in all areas.

Regardless of your business problems, for example

  • Increase the efficiency of the delivery to the customers
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase the opportunity to compete
  • Others

We have solutions that can meet your needs.

Report with Realtime Reporting System

Effective report with Realtime reporting system on all devices

All our software were developed to operate on the Cloud, therefore all of our programs

  1. Report with Realtime Reporting System
  2. The screen can be adjusted automatically on all devices (Responsive)
  3. Data can be accessed anywhere, anytime


In all systems, what you will receive is

Support various operating systems

Our programs can support both Mac and PC operating systems.

Work on various devices

The programs can works on any device

Reduce the steps

Reduce work procedures and bring effectiveness


On-Cloud technology

Increase Performance

Improve work performance to get more satisfactory results


Both products and services can be customized to meet the needs.

General Features

All our solutions are featured with


Tools that meet business needs

User Friendly

Beautifully designed and easy to use


Compliance with professional standards

Fast Implementation

All of our solutions are ready to use and customizable.


Increase efficiency and improve business results


Works anywhere on all devices