Time to go 4.0

Nov 8, 2022 11:45:31 PM | Time to go 4.0

It’s time now to manage your modern business with latest digital tools.

It’s time now to manage your business with technology 4.0. It is manageable and the right time now to implement and go for 4.0 when everything is ready such as:
1. Faster communication with hi-speed internet (3G/4G, WiFi, LAN)
2. Reachable technology (Cheaper Cloud Storage)
3. Variety of affordable choices for communication devices
4. Less gap between users and technologies such as Facebook, Photo, and Messenger Apps.

Therefore, now it’s the right time to acquire IT technologies to support your business. Characteristics of good systems for supporting general management should be:
1. Cloud Storage is now affordable compared to traditional Servers. Highly secure with effective access control.
2. Online Form or E-Form should not mean placing Pdf, Excel, or even Document files on the web page, waiting for a user to download, fill in, or print out, then filling in before scan, uploading, and sending back the file. Online Form or E-Form should mean a real real-time form, workable on any platform, or device, access online, input, and submit on the spot. The calculation or processing of the form should be right at the time of submission.
3. Preparing for a meeting should not mean, Collecting information from paper forms, Entering information into a computer, Calculating, Generating meaningful graphs, Prepare a presentation. Instead, the process should be as follows: Field staff key in from the mobile app. Calculation and storing are done simultaneously, and management just opens the dashboard and understands meaningful presentation right from inside the system. Reduce process and possible human error.
4. Paperless should not be limited to the office only. It should also mean information from onsite through any mobile device. While management could be included in the approval process where expenses could impact the company's performance.
5. Power Data Sorting & Filtering is a must-have feature to ensure all levels can access valuable information and use it best.
6. Best database management should not be limited to specific high-cost hardware.
7. Working seamlessly across languages.
8. The good and tight system should not allow everyone to be able to download everything, especially raw material, e.g., Customer List, Forecast revenue. So are you ready to move to Digital World with us now?

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Written By: KPTM WebAdmin