Cloud Solutions Studio

Cloud Solutions Studio

Our team consists of members who are quality system consultants. And service quality development After working in the industry for a long time and understanding the complexities of storing, processing, and presenting information efficiently

Therefore, it has integrated with a team of software engineers and developers to design and test the system. Has been around for a long time before being used in public Our company is the designer and manufacturer of both the equipment and the software to meet the whole system.

Aside from the hardware and software systems that we already have Starting from 2016 We have a new service branch, Cloud Solutions Studio ** (software design and development With the emphasis on work Database on the cloud)

Why you should choose us KPTM

” Because we are manufacturers Both the hardware and software that is committed to creating Solutions and options for customers to improve service quality And improve the overall satisfaction level of the service users. We work on a foundation with a good understanding of the service management system. “

Our system changes your work.

    • Collecting data, checking, calculating, evaluating, approving, or making reports In which you don’t need to use paper and pens anymore.
    • Processed from data collected And can check various calculation results immediately and at all times.
    • Save time and not have to do duplicate work. By collecting data on paper and then importing it to Excel for graphing and then reporting.
    • Safe storage No need to worry about data or documents being lost again.
    • Save resources No wasting paper Help reduce global warming.
    • Can work on all types of devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, PC, Mac.
    • No need to install the program.
    • No need to invest additional hardware.
    • No need for an IT support team.
    • Access the system from anywhere at any time.
    • Executives will receive information continuously. Especially in the case of the change of responsibility Or in the case of changing company structure.
    • Work across languages Such as collecting information on Thai forms While summarizing the report in other languages immediately Very convenient if customers or executives are foreigners.
    • Assign user rights at different levels to access the form. And can report as appropriate.
    • You can choose to add the company logo into the program. Increasing the image of the company And can see that your company uses modern technology to increase service efficiency (It is a good sales tool).

Safety and standards

    • We use Microsoft SQL Server as a backend of our platform. Have security system And have a system to prevent system failures Data can be accessed via the API.
    • Our systems operate on the AWS-Amazon Web Services infrastructure, which is considered the most advanced cloud-based technology, with data centers on 4 continents around the world.
    • security system
      • Security at Every Layer
      • AWS Security Leadership
      • Password Protection
      • IP Blocking
      • Record Level Security
      • Live System Health
      • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
      • Account Security Policy
    • Standards and specifications
      • PCI Compliant (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
      • SOC 3 และ ISO 27001 Certified
      • HIPPA Compliant (The Health Insurance Potability and Accountability Act.)
      • Section 508 Compliant