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The days when a website was simply a collection of HTML pages that served as a digital version of your brochures are long gone. Today's websites serve as a multipurpose administrative assistant, taking calls, sending messages to various mobile devices, setting up appointments, and much more. We cannot overstate how crucial it is to have a professionally planned and developed website because it serves as the focal point of your digital platform strategy.

We frequently consult clients on their websites as part of our digital platform strategy for them, examine their current websites, and provide reports on things like mobile strategy, SEO, user experience, page and information flow, and other statistics.

Another important consideration is the problem of security and user safety, which cannot be emphasized enough. It's important to plan ahead and never put security last when trying to strike a delicate balance between user permissions and security.

Our Core Services

We develop Web Applications, customize and integrated Online Applications for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs (SME.) in all business sectors with high flexibility. Customers may choose to have us develop specific software that is urgently needed and then expand to cover every workflow in their business.

Customers will receive the application that meets their needs. At the same time, the development of the old and new systems can still work together well. We also have a feature that lets you install newly created applications anywhere (deploy anywhere), such as on your current website.



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For large corporation

Custom development of Enterprise online solutions for specific Business solutions, cut and dusted according to your business needs, security level and user control. These online system are developed in-house according to your specification and maintained for you free of charge for as long as their life span.

If you are looking for business software development that meets specific needs but requires any enterprise-grade feature such as Apps integration, REST API, FileStor CDN, IP-Based Access, Public ID Services, Single Sign On, Security Governance, Encryption in Transit and at Rest, Audit Trail, 2nd Layer Encryption, and Compliances such as GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, we are ready to develop for you too.


Our Products

We have several developed modules ready for customization and activation almost immediately.



Knowledge Base System

A knowledge base system helps customers manage important information in a centralized online portal. It can also be used as a self-service documentation system for any department or organization.


  • Multi-user system manages the entire content review and approval process.
  • Helps users easily find information using ad-hoc search or category filters.
  • Users can leave comments and feedback on each article and rate its usefulness. The feedback is displayed in actionable reports in the administrative interface.
  • Authors can add new articles or edit their own articles and information.
  • Editors can edit, publish, or reject articles, and add internal notes. They can also manage users and article categories.
  • Supports unlimited users and unlimited knowledge base articles.
  • The administrative interface offers quick stats on the top articles and authors.
  • Email alerts automatically notify authors whenever an article status is changed.

Target Customer
Any business manager with a load of information,



Mobile Team Management

The app suites for any on-site operation where the team tasks are managed from the center.  Utilizing the latest technology to ensure the agility of workflow.  Working together from everywhere from assigning, accepting, working, and reporting.


  • Create a job
  • With a calendar view, the planner can assign the job to a designated team according to their skills and capabilities.
  • Team supervisor sign-in to accept the job
  • On-site, set the locations of Critical Check Points (CCP)
  • Collect photos Before, Between, and After the job is completed from each CCP.
  • Customer evaluates the quality and records satisfaction level
  • The customer electronically signs on the device to ensure job completeness.
  • Service provider’s management can always track and check the result of work, observing the quality before, between, and after completing each job, real-time anytime from anywhere through Management Portal on any device.
  • With a workload report, management can track and manage staffing allocation.
  • The financial department can generate reports with all photos attached, ready to submit and process on charging.

Target customer
One-time job cleaning company, Construction work, Interior



Learning Management System

We build multi-side e-learning platforms from our pre-built LMS. Our clients enjoy making a good income on our reliable multi-side platform. We utilized all technologies from CMS like WordPress, Magento, and Moodle, to completely hard-coded on PHP, Phyton, and C#. Talk to us when you need to own your next LMS or Marketplace.



Personal Health Record

Modernize your system with new technology.



eS/Solutions is designed to optimize the performance of building services by utilizing the latest software and cloud technologies.

  • eS/Facility
  • eS/Clean
  • eS/Pest
  • eS/Hygiene
  • eS/Hospital
  • eS/Security

The app was made for supporting all activities in Facility Support Services including Cleaning, Maintenance, Security, Pest Control, Gardening, Hygiene, and more.  Whatever defect is found, just simply capture and assign the job to the right person in charge.  The manager can track all the tasks, approve the closed cases, and plan for improvement.

The dashboards give the management a clear vision of progress including outstanding jobs, completed jobs, processing jobs, individual performance, and workload.


  1. Inspecting with a general checklist
  2. Reporting defect found
  3. Assigning the job
  4. Tracking on rework
  5. Shifting focus on outstanding jobs, completed jobs, and processing jobs
  6. Evaluate individual and group performance and workload

Target customer
Any facility management company, Building Management, Building owner, Department store










ProResult, real-time service quality enhancement system

ProResult is the management innovation for upgrading professionalism and improving product and service quality according to the customer needs through surveying and processing customer satisfaction towards products and services. It is the latest technology applied in the 4.0 era as a new alternative which you will have the opportunity to access information directly from customers in real-time or seconds per second and send to the executive in the form of dashboard, hence there is no need for paper to collect data from all branches as well as being able to import data into Excel, create graphs, create Powerpoint presentations for executive meetings.

How good it would be if at this time the executives who oversee hundreds of thousands of sales or service units spread throughout the country can acknowledge and receive information instantly. If the customers are not satisfied with your product or service from any branch at this time or any issue, you can solve the problems immediately to impress customers. Besides, you can follow up work performance all the time through Service Monitoring or use the summarized data in the Quality Dashboard in the desired period. You can filter and use data processing to make plans for improving product and service quality continuously.

The components of the ProResult system include

HappyCHECK is a device to measure, evaluate and send data with modern technology, durable and beautiful suiting to your business type. We offer the tools which have a variety of forms, both as a keypad and touchscreen. For the convenience of sending data, we provide various ways, such as WIFI, LAN, Bluetooth, and 3G / GSM.

RFR(Realtime Form&Report) system is a survey system and collecting field data in various ways, such as through specialized tools, via applications, surveys on the Internet, or even via QR Code. The forms can use in a variety of work such as quality checking, completeness checklist, safety, quality assurance system, marketing data collecting, product inspecting, etc. The user can specify the data for processing or save as a photograph, capture a signature.

Real-time satisfaction survey system (RSatS: Realtime Satisfaction Survey): the system receives data from HappyCHECK devices and RFR systems, and then processes and reports immediately in real-time. RSatS systems can be operated on all devices, all platforms and data storage on the cloud resulting in high database security. RSatS is used to store, filter, process and analyze work plans for improving quality continuously.time Service Monitoring)

The ProResult system has 3 levels.


Real-time data acquisition and processing evaluation system for the executive can follow up work from every point instantly at all times.


Real-time data acquisition and processing evaluation system for the executive can follow up work from every point instantly at all times, including surveillance and observation for closely tracking, improving and revising the work continuously





Delivery and Mailroom System

Manage the delivery of goods or document for both daily external (Deliver Service) and internal (Mailroom Service) activities.


  • Request service through Apps and Web Service
  • Receive and register Goods or Document
  • Assign job to messenger and sender
  • Tracking Goods or Documents in the process of delivering
  • Electronically sign on any device when the document reaches the receiver
  • Generate reports of Status, Sender, Receiver, Cost Center, Workload, and more.

Target Customers
Messenger Service, Delivery Service, Banks,




Resource Scheduling System

This app manages the usage of resources, such as equipment, tools, vehicles, and instruments that are shared within a company or a team. Users can see the availability and easily make reservations.


  • Authorized users can search, schedule, and reserve equipment, meeting rooms, assets, etc.
  • Provides usage history, allowing you to measure usage of various resources.
  • Includes user management within the admin interface.
  • As a cloud application, it provides anywhere, anytime access.
  • Supports unlimited users and unlimited resources to be managed.

Target User
Large office with many meeting rooms, Conference center, Co-working space



Paperless Requisition Management

This feature-rich paperless requisition management supports all parties from requestor, approver, sender, receiver, and management.  With this paperless system, everything is done online.


  • The requisition can be issued anywhere anytime;
  • Easily controlled by comparing each unit budget.
  • An authorizer is working closely with the requestor without having to go to the office or meet up.
  • Broadcast news to all requestors in case of any change in products, pricing, or even the delivery schedule.
  • Delivery is completed by the receiver electronically signing on a smart device.
  • The tracking status of requisition can be done anytime on mobile devices.
  • Management can "Power Query and Sorting" and check all transactions. This is indeed one of the most wanted Management Support Tools.
  • Special features
  • Fulltime 100% Backup
  • Seven levels of user: Requestor, Approver, Admin, Delivery Planner, Deliver Man, Management
  • Unlimited number of products, destination, transaction
  • VDO and live training for all modules

Target Customers:
Company with a regular and large amount of requisition, approval, and delivery e.g. Cleaning, Service industry, Main stores + branch stores











With modern technology today, HappyCHECK devices are used to collect satisfaction data. In work and various operations To provide an opportunity for users in the area to have a satisfaction rating And comment Towards the received service At the same time, service providers in the area Who is responsible for themselves will have the opportunity to acknowledge. In order to be able to solve problems in a timely manner Or use the information to improve the plan for continuous quality improvement

Assessment Concrete Together with the analytical reports received from the system Can tell

    • Service satisfaction level From each service point In every moment.
    • Type and frequency Of each problem.
    • Charts used in various analysis.
    • Instant reporting Realtime Service Monitoring with outstanding amendments.

System highlights

  • The most remarkable thing for this version Meaning it works very fast And works on all devices and all platforms.
  • The system can receive data And report real-time satisfaction assessments instantly.
  • There is data storage on the cloud. Resulting in high database security.
  • The check point is registered using the code of that machine. Therefore, it is not possible to use other machines to log in, resulting in highly reliable data.
  • There is a Realtime Service Monitoring system that can look at specific issues immediately for immediate solutions.








CRM Lite

This first selling tracking (CRM) solution is designed for any size of business which has never used a full-scale CRM. The easiest way to learn and apply any full-scale CRM solution into any company is to start from something simple and easy to use. Management can also step-by-step know what they want before moving to real CRM packaged solutions.


  • Easy to understand (Short learning curve, learning requires only 5 minutes)
  • Good stepping stone for any organization, not to shock the sales representative of what the company wants all in one time.
  • Data will be transferred to the CRM application whenever customers are ready for the next step.
  • Utilizing information effectively with “Power Filter and Query” (PFQ)
  • Effectively evaluate sales representatives and channels with a group and individual tracking and performance reports
  • Free Data Cleansing, Data Migration, Setup & Implementation
  • Free Daily Data Backup and Maintenance

Target Users:
SME, First time CRM user, Small sales team





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