Apps, Modules, and Features for Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry, rapidly changing consumer preferences, business priorities, government regulations, competition, and technology ensure that today’s pressing problems will differ from tomorrow’s.
Often the core system seems to lack critical or urgently needed features which we can assist you to build it up and ready to use in no time. We have a few tools you can almost use right away.

Approval Workflow

Digitize business approval processes from submitting requests to closing tasks. Build custom web forms, generate reports, add automatic notifications, and more.

Appointment Scheduling

Book and manage client appointments in a secure cloud database. This module provides you with a professional calendar to track past and upcoming visits.

Assets Management

Store, organize, distribute and collaborate on digital assets with our platform. Create IT asset management apps, and document repositories.

COVID-19 Response

Create Customized COVID-19 Compliance, Management & Vaccination Software in the Cloud.

Document Review Management

Streamline your document management workflow in a central online database. This app provides a simple interface for unlimited team members to collaborate.


e Service Support System for General Facility Service and Management.


e Service Support System for Cleaning operation in Hospital.


GQ-GTS is a real-time online guard tour system based on QR-code tags use. The staff scans tags placed on locations and assets and the Monitoring Center gets informed in real-time about incidents and events.


A must-have tool for the service industry and business where customer satisfaction is highly important. The system collects satisfaction scores from customers at the point of service. An on-site service provider gets the notification. While management can access real-time reports from anywhere to follow up the case and improve the issue area accordingly.
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Inspection Forms

Whatever defect is found, just simply capture and assign the job to the right person in charge. The manager can track all the tasks, approve the closed cases, and plan for improvement. The dashboards give the management a clear vision of progress including outstanding jobs, completed jobs, processing jobs, individual performance, and workload.

Membership Directory

Manage the entire registration process in a secure cloud environment. The app supports unlimited members that can access a central directory.

Online Form & Report

OLF – Online Forms & Report is a flexible tool. This real-time app is ready for any tailored needs.

Patient Intake Form

Increase the efficiency of your practice in a secure cloud environment. These ready-made and responsive form templates are customizable to your specific needs.

Patient Portal

Collaborate with patients in a secure cloud environment. The app serves as an ideal use case for doctors who need a HIPAA compliant platform.

Personal Health Record

Patients use this app to keep their health records. The records help the doctor to diagnose the case properly. Measure and store your personal health information in a safe place

Resource Scheduling

Manage company resources in a centralized online database. The app provides an efficient way to keep track of tools, vehicles, instruments, and other equipment.

KPTM will work with you on the transformations.

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