IoT Solutions

by KP Technology Management

IoT solutions for Facilities Management

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Three applications in Facilities Management.

Smart Facilities Management Solutions

Smart Toilet Management Solutions

Smart Healthcare Facilities Management Solutions

IoT solutions by KP Technology Mangement

Developing IoT solutions in-house is often time-consuming and expensive. We provide the key services and products that simplify and accelerate this process, allowing you to focus on your core business, while we take care of the rest.


Our core competencies include high-volume web application development, IoT solutions, and scalable cloud-based systems.


Enabling facility managers to efficiently scale their businesses, ensure the safety and satisfaction of tenants, reduce operating costs, and create agile workplaces.


Customising an IoT solution is a smart method for the company to outperform its rivals in the industry.


Contact us to learn more about use cases in facility management that align with your technological needs and business goals.

KPTM will work with you on the transformations.

KPTM provides everything you need from hardware to software to digitize at speed and scale — all our best technology, expertise, training and support in a single turnkey solution.