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Are you using CRM software now? If not, we have solution for you to test the water with no-pain.
But if your answer is "Yes, you're using a CRM system now."
Are there are a lot of features that you don't need in your current system?
Is it way too complicated and overwhelming?
Is it just missed out some of very basic but crucial features?

We take a different approach to this topic of complexity. Our goal is to simply get the job done. We have a ready-to-customize solution called CRM Lite. This is going to be your first and the most simplest CRM.
It has everything you need and it doesn't have anything you don't need. We also believe in plug-in anything that your business may be required. Therefore, please see other modules if there is anything else you may need.

Approval Workflow

Digitize business approval processes from submitting requests to closing tasks. Build custom web forms, generate reports, add automatic notifications, and more.

Appointment Scheduling

Book and manage client appointments in a secure cloud database. This module provides you with a professional calendar to track past and upcoming visits.

Business Directory

A custom directory, catalog, or any other listing for your company in a centralized online database.

Classified Ads

Operate your classified advertising system from a central online database.

Contact Management

Store and manage all your valuable business contacts in a secure cloud environment.

Corporate Knowledge Management System

Manage information in a central online database. This app can host unlimited users that view, add or approve knowledge base articles based on role.

Custom CRM / CRM Lite

This first selling tracking (CRM) solution is designed for any size of business that has never used a full-scale CRM. The easiest way to learn and apply any full-scale CRM solution to any company is to start from something simple and easy to use.

Document Review Management

Streamline your document management workflow in a central online database. This app provides a simple interface for unlimited team members to collaborate.

Event Calendar

Add and manage multiple events in a centralized online database. This app is perfect for news websites, schools, local government agencies and more.

Event Registration

Publish a list of events and collect registrants in a centralized online database. This app is entirely self-managed with admin and public interfaces.

Goal Tracker

Track the progress of your team’s goals in a secure cloud environment. This app allows you to add goals, change their status and view a report.

Online Form & Report

OLF – Online Forms & Report is a flexible tool. This real-time app is ready for any tailored needs.

Progress Tracking

Process monitoring tool used for tracking status, duration, result, defects, and more.

Simple Order Management

Automate your online order management process in a central online database. The app is entirely self-managed with two interfaces for managers and staff.

Simple Sales Tracking

Monitor transactions in a secure cloud database. The app allows small and medium-sized businesses to input sales and views custom reports.

Store Location

Manage address-centric data in a centralized online database. This locator app is loaded with location-based features such as Google Maps and distance search.

Team To Do List

Manage the assignment and progress of tasks in a centralized online database. The app helps managers create tasks for employees and monitor their status.

KPTM will work with you on the transformations.

KPTM provides everything you need to digitize at speed and scale — all our best technology, expertise, training and support in a single turnkey solution.