IT Services


Apps, Modules, and Features for IT Services

Our modules of IT service management (ITSM) solutions to eliminate barriers to customer support services consist of:

Approval Workflow

Digitize business approval processes from submitting requests to closing tasks. Build custom web forms, generate reports, add automatic notifications, and more.

Appointment Scheduling

Book and manage client appointments in a secure cloud database. This module provides you with a professional calendar to track past and upcoming visits.

Assets Management

Store, organize, distribute and collaborate on digital assets with our platform. Create IT asset management apps, and document repositories.

Contact Management

Store and manage all your valuable business contacts in a secure cloud environment.

Corporate Knowledge Management System

Manage information in a central online database. This app can host unlimited users that view, add or approve knowledge base articles based on role.

Corporate Learning Management System

A corporate LMS is a platform that allows training managers to streamline tasks and deploy training programs more efficiently. It provides advanced features like a course library, authoring tools, analytics, and learner engagement elements that can help you drive better learning outcomes for your employees.

Customer Realtime Request

How nice to provide a response to all customer requests in a real-time manner. The system provides real-time escalation and reachability to all appropriate levels and contacts.

FAQ Manager

Keep track of frequently asked questions in a central online database. This app provides a simple FAQ solution you can implement in any of your domains.

Feedback Management

Collect and analyze feedback in a centralized online database. These ready-made form templates provide customizable systems you can embed on any website you control.

Goal Tracker

Track the progress of your team’s goals in a secure cloud environment. This app allows you to add goals, change their status and view a report.

IT Helpdesk

Manage ticket requests from every department in a centralized online database. This app allows IT to embed a custom helpdesk on their intranet or portal.

Online Form & Report

OLF – Online Forms & Report is a flexible tool. This real-time app is ready for any tailored needs.

Resource Scheduling

Manage company resources in a centralized online database. The app provides an efficient way to keep track of tools, vehicles, instruments, and other equipment.

Simple Order Management

Automate your online order management process in a central online database. The app is entirely self-managed with two interfaces for managers and staff.

Simple Warranty Management

Capture and track the status of product warranty information in a secure cloud environment. The app is suitable for retail stores, service centers and more.

Site (Zone) Visit Record

Keep track of site visitations. Not only ordinary information but also visitor’s ID, time, duration, and geolocation.

Task Management

Manage tasks across multiple departments in one central database. This app can be customized to match your workflows with no user limits.

Team To Do List

Manage the assignment and progress of tasks in a centralized online database. The app helps managers create tasks for employees and monitor their status.

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