Apps, Modules, and Features for Retails

Retail module is designed to help retail shop or store to manage their property with many of our tools which are handy and ready to integrate seemlessly with any core system. You may be surprise that your current software and solution just miss out some of very basic but crucial function. Visit us and see if there is anything you need here.

Approval Workflow

Digitize business approval processes from submitting requests to closing tasks. Build custom web forms, generate reports, add automatic notifications, and more.

Corporate Learning Management System

A corporate LMS is a platform that allows training managers to streamline tasks and deploy training programs more efficiently. It provides advanced features like a course library, authoring tools, analytics, and learner engagement elements that can help you drive better learning outcomes for your employees.

COVID-19 Response

Create Customized COVID-19 Compliance, Management & Vaccination Software in the Cloud.

Customer Realtime Request

How nice to provide a response to all customer requests in a real-time manner. The system provides real-time escalation and reachability to all appropriate levels and contacts.

Customer Satisfaction Survey (Monthly)

Customer Satisfaction Surveys give you the feedback you need to improve and grow your business. Reports and analyses of the results are all provided in real-time.

Delivery/Mailroom System

Manage the delivery of goods or document for both daily external (Delivery Service) and internal (Mailroom Service) activities.

Document Review Management

Streamline your document management workflow in a central online database. This app provides a simple interface for unlimited team members to collaborate.

Employee Time Off Requests

Organize time-off requests in one central database. This app  provides a system for employees to submit vacation requests, which their managers can approve.


eS app series is designed to optimize the performance of building services including Cleaning, Security, and Pest Control, by utilizing the latest software and cloud technologies.
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e Service Support System for General Facility Service and Management.


e Service Support System for Cleaning operation in Hospital.

eSS/Pest , Hygiene

e Service Support System for Pest Control and Hygiene Supply Services.


e Service Support System for Security Operation. Suitable for Security Contractor.

Event Calendar

Add and manage multiple events in a centralized online database. This app is perfect for news websites, schools, local government agencies and more.

Event Registration

Publish a list of events and collect registrants in a centralized online database. This app is entirely self-managed with admin and public interfaces.

Feedback Management

Collect and analyze feedback in a centralized online database. These ready-made form templates provide customizable systems you can embed on any website you control.


A must-have tool for the service industry and business where customer satisfaction is highly important. The system collects satisfaction scores from customers at the point of service. An on-site service provider gets the notification. While management can access real-time reports from anywhere to follow up the case and improve the issue area accordingly.
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Inspection Forms

Whatever defect is found, just simply capture and assign the job to the right person in charge. The manager can track all the tasks, approve the closed cases, and plan for improvement. The dashboards give the management a clear vision of progress including outstanding jobs, completed jobs, processing jobs, individual performance, and workload.

Lost & Found

Streamline your lost and found process in a central online database. The app can be embedded on your website with interfaces for admins and public users.

Membership Directory

Manage the entire registration process in a secure cloud environment. The app supports unlimited members that can access a central directory.

Messenger/Driver Management

Manage the delivery of goods or document for both daily external (Delivery Service) and internal (Mailroom Service) activities.

Online Form & Report

OLF – Online Forms & Report is a flexible tool. This real-time app is ready for any tailored needs.

PRM - Paperless Requisition Management

This feature-rich paperless requisition management supports all parties from requestor, approver, sender, receiver, and management.  With this paperless system, everything is done online.

ProResult Solutions

This app is the management innovation for upgrading professionalism and improving product and service quality through surveying and satisfaction evaluations.

Resource Scheduling

Manage company resources in a centralized online database. The app provides an efficient way to keep track of tools, vehicles, instruments, and other equipment.

Simple Event Listing

Publish a directory of events in a central online database. The app allows you to quickly deploy a self-managed app with public and admin interfaces.

Simple Membership Directory

Manage group membership information in a secure cloud environment. The app features three interfaces for the public, members, and admins.

Store Location

Manage address-centric data in a centralized online database. This locator app is loaded with location-based features such as Google Maps and distance search.

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