Many future-focused Internet of Things (IoT) devices for facility management initiatives have yet to be created. However, those that have already been piloted assist facility managers around the globe in gaining greater environmental control and streamlining daily operations.

Here are some examples of effective and extensively employed FM devices:

1. Sensing devices

Sensors enable the majority of IoT devices. Managers have access to data, whether it be air pressure, motion, space utilisation, people counter, temperature, humidity, or another variable. The insights are then visualised using the facility management software system.

The following IoT sensor types are extensively employed in facility management:

Motion Detector, HVAC Air Pressure, Temperature & Humidity, People Counter, Service Request, Soil Moisture, Ambient Noise, and Smart Parking.

2. Toolss for data analytics and visualisation

To effectively manage the data collected by sensors, facility administrators must utilise visualisation tools. Such systems process information and generate visually rich reports automatically. Facility administrators will be able to identify patterns in resource utilisation, employee performance, and occupancy using graphs and charts.

We have developed a data analytics and visualisation tool for all client’s need. This is an adaptable SaaS solution for monitoring hardware and software performance that can be adopted for various use cases and embed anywhere in client’s environment.